Information Technology » Overview


"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
-Arthur C. Clarke

Sorcerers have their magic wands; the Computer Technology Department has its PCs. The students work their magic whether it is training for the IC3 (Internet and Computing Core Certification), MOS (Microsoft Office User Specialist), and A+ PC Technician certifications, upgrading and configuring PCs, troubleshooting and maintaining PCs and peripherals, networking or creating web pages. The students have a successful printer cartridge and cell phone recycling program. They provide technical support to faculty and staff as well as members of the Tantasqua/Union 61 community with their personal computer problems. They have created a community service project to upgrade donated computers and redistribute them to individuals and families in the community who are in need.

The goal of this program is to provide a foundation for the students to go into an Information Technology (IT) related field. Each year the program focuses on different aspects of IT. Computer Technology II introduces students to computing fundamentals, key applications, and living online, which culminates in IC3 industry certification. Computer Technology III moves into hardware and operating systems. Students will learn how to troubleshoot, upgrade, maintain, and refurbish desktop PCs and peripherals. They will develop project management and customer service skills. Computer Technology IV is a combination of graphic and web page design, animation, advanced hardware and operating systems and networking.

In Computer Technology, students perform on-site and off-site repairs to computers and peripherals, create web sites and interactive multimedia; and manage wired/wireless networks, which prepares them for a career in any number of IT fields. Over 850 hours of class time are spent over three years expanding and solidifying the students' knowledge of computers and information technology.