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Is the Technical Division right for your child?

The focus of high schools has changed over time and the goal is to help young people become "college and career ready". The Technical Division does just that through a school that focuses on career paths that include two and four year colleges, technical post-secondary training, apprenticeships, or straight to the workforce. Tech students are integrated into the academic classes with Academic Division students, in addition to receiving career technical training in state-of-the-art labs.

Double Your Child's Opportunities

In our Technical Division program, our students embark on a dual career path. Not only will they receive the same rigorous academic subjects, which will permit entry into college on graduation, but students acquire the additional practical skills required for almost 80% of positions in today's job market. It is important to understand that technical high school education is not an alternate for an academic education - it is additional education that enhances the learning required to succeed in their chosen career path. At the Technical Division of Tantasqua Regional High School, students enter a dual path to success. Our students receive instruction in academic, as well as technical subjects. Academic and technical curricula are closely aligned. What our students learn in academics can be related to what he or she studies in technical courses - and technical subjects emphasize and support the real-life importance and usefulness of academics.

The Best Investment You Can Make!

It is easy to see by doubling the career path your child takes in high school, you can increase his/her chances of success in later life. A technical high school education is one of the best investments you can make in your child's future.

Making The Right Choice

Vocational/Technical education offers students an exciting and different kind of education from a strictly academic one. The Technical Division is designed to give students a hands-on experience that reflects the job tasks in many career fields. Vocational/Technical education can provide students with skills and knowledge to make career choices. The Technical Division of Tantasqua Regional High School has 7 programs in preparation for a school-to-career transition.

Jobs After Graduation

Upon graduation, students are prepared for and receive entry-level job skills that will allow them to enter the workforce and/ or be better equipped to enter into post-secondary studies related to their career goals, Technical Division programs have articulation agreements through Tech-Prep where students may receive college credits or a waiver of courses that they have taken. The Technical Division offers cooperative education and job placement services to expose students to business and industry in their related career area and give them an opportunity to explore all aspects of the field.

Career/Technical Guidance Services

Our guidance counselor is dedicated specifically to the Technical Division students. Career guidance and academic counseling are provided to students throughout high school using a variety of methodologies and instruments. The goal of the process is to assist each student in: becoming aware of their strengths, interests and abilities; thinking about their future; setting a post-secondary goal; understanding whats necessary to achieve their goal; knowing the information and tools available to help with their decision making. Included in the counseling and planning process are: yearly individual and group planning and information meetings; career interest inventories; completion of a career plan worksheet; parental notification, reviews and approvals of plan information. Some elements of the guidance and counseling process are present in every year of high school, while others are grade specific, focused on addressing career and academic issues pertinent to the issues and tasks of that year. Each year begins with a review of the students status as of the end of the previous year and then focuses on short and long term goals and the steps necessary to realize them. Each year, the student completes a grade specific Career Plan Worksheet as a means to document and track information pertinent to their career decision making. Documentation of the process is sent to the parents/guardians on a regular basis throughout the year for them to review and approve.